Floor Decor – Getting the correct look for your home

0057703_EP314WOEA question we’re often asked from our customers is the way to achieve the look they want in their house by picking the right flooring. Some clients prefer going with a wood that has more grain and personality like our wide plank walnut or hickory flooring believing it will give the space a more rustic appearance, while some prefer a hardwood with more grain such as walnut or european beech believing it’s going to give away a more crisp and modern look. Even though these aren’t necessarily untrue assumptions, every inside differs and completely unique. The most important thing to remember when undergoing renovations is the power good inside design can have. This consists of what we call floor decoration. In other words, it’s not just the flooring that may determine whether or not an interior space looks rustic, traditional, modern, contemporary or whatever other style is wanted.

In fact, the floors is only part of the equation. To be able to attain that touch look, it’s obviously the larger picture that things. Selecting the proper furniture, wallcoverings, paint colors, window treatments and whatever else that’ll be a part of the room is at least as important. That having been said, if a rustic look is wanted, when it comes to deciding which species of wood to go for, there are a lot of factors to consider in order to achieve the look. The best thing to remember is to not judge a species of timber by its own grain! With the right stain, the proper gloss and the ideal end, regardless of what the species of hardwood you opt to go with, our sales advisers can answer all your queries and help steer you towards the ideal floor for your property.



shutterstock_1037670952It can be difficult knowing which type of flooring will fit your home the most. But hardwood flooring is one of the most popular choices. They are most popular as a result of their timeless beauty, clean lines, sturdiness and durability. These floorings are easy to clean and maintain and they provide a classy and elegant appearance.

Hardwood flooring suits all sorts of décor and it’s so flexible that it matches a range of rooms. There are lots of options when it comes to hardwood flooring but you need to decide on the flooring which best suits you and your requirements.


As mentioned before, there are various kinds of hardwood flooring available. They differ in style, design and price. You’ll be surprised with the variety of styles these floorings come in. Nonetheless, it is important to stick to a budget and purchase the highest quality, most elegant flooring you are able.

Finish of the floor:

When choosing hardwood flooring for your house, be sure you receive the most appropriate flooring for the room you are refurbishing. If you are fixing hardwood flooring in your living room for example, a darker finish may be the best option as it is more suitable for the heavy use connected with living rooms.


asFloor sanding is not a very tough process to be carried out. Unless you’re quite confident about your skills in floor sanding, do not take this up on yourself. It is ideal to assign the task to an expert service. This will save your time and the money you invest will be rewarding.

The tools utilized in floor sanding:

Aside from a floor sander, there are a number of other things used to clean and refinish the floor. Stuff like sandpaper, vacuum cleaner, safety gales, dust masks, hammers, nails, pry bars and ear plugs.

Floor sanding requires:

Whether there are any flooring carpets, furniture inside the room, loosened floor boards or even old rusted nails sticking out, then make certain to get them out until the sanding begins. Carpets must be removed and ensure that all gaps and vents are sealed perfectly. Cover your walls properly and inspect the wiring in your home to prevent blowing a fuse.

The equipment must be handled carefully. Sand dust is inflammable so keep all related things out of this space and make sure nobody smokes around the area. Ensure that the empty sander bags and containers are stored away from the room as soon as their usage is finished.

The result that floor sanding has in your wooden floors is quite wonderful. The shine it offers lasts for a long time and gives the house a refreshed appearance.



The solid and sturdy character of hardwood floors can’t be replicated. Although many laminate floor coverings look like real wood, they don’t have the quality or finish that you would get if you’d solid hardwood floors in your property.

Hardwood floors is now a very common method of covering floors in homes and offices. It is simple to see why it has come to be so attractive and also given the reality that it lasts for many years, folks are flocking to have it all installed.

So your new hardwood floors not only looks great but feels great too. You want to pay special attention to what sort of timber you are going to have installed and who is going to put in it for you.

Obtaining a hardwood floor specialist in are the most advisable way to get your hardwood floors installed. They know everything there is to know about hardwood floors and they will ensure your brand new flooring is completed to the highest of standards. They have all the tools of the trade and also will take time to ensure that every bit of your new hardwood floors is laid properly. You will be very impressed with the final results.


209344_202370526449686_3865542_oMost of us want to feel totally comfortable when in the comfort of our own home, and there is nothing worse than feeling sad with the way that your home looks.

It can be all too easy for a home to feel really’cold’ and impersonal when it is full of the incorrect type of decor, especially when the offending decor makes up such a huge percentage of the look of a home.

1 area which can often easily bring the look of a home down is floors – particularly flooring in the houses of those keen to continue to their old carpets for as long as you can.

Changing old carpets for hardwood flooring constructed from a timber that delivers a very rich appearance – like cherry- can immediately transform the ambience in a home though and earn a property immediately feel much warmer.

The gorgeous red tones inside cherry flooring not just add heat, but also a whole lot of design, and you won’t need to make any sacrifices in regards to cleaning as all hardwood flooring are a breeze to look after.

Whatever the weather outside, make your house feel beautifully warm all year round with cherry hardwood floors.


shutterstock_140812528Wood is a gorgeous, natural material, and if used as floors can totally transform your home, instantly adding value. If you are thinking about having hardwood flooring fitted in your home, or if you currently have it, it’s crucial to acknowledge and accept that this is a natural, living substance, and might undergo certain environmental alterations.

The planks which make up your hardwood floor will, over the course of their life, be subject to contraction and expansion, and this is totally natural. When there are some measures you can take to minimise this natural motion, there is no way to completely prevent it from happening. The great news is that this movement will be very slight, and will probably go unnoticed.

So what can make this pure motion in your hardwood flooring?

The most important source of motion in hardwood floors is the quantity of moisture in the surrounding environment. During summer months, when windows are open heating is switched off, the moisture and humidity levels in your home are most likely to be greater, meaning that your hardwood flooring may expand slightly.

Over winter, when central heating creates a drier environment inside your home, your flooring is more inclined to contract. Should you start to observe any motion or openings appearing, do not worry – if the humidity levels increase again, those gaps will decrease.

While there’s absolutely no way to completely stop any pure motion in your hardwood flooring, there are a couple of actions you can take to reduce the amount of movement that occurs.

Among the most crucial things you can do in order to decrease motion in your floor is to attempt to allow for a stable humidity in the home, as changing humidity levels are one of the chief reasons for pure motion — the optimum temperature for the two humans and wooden floors is 18°C to 20°C.

During warmer months when humidity levels are obviously higher, a simple approach to prevent excessive movement is to start your windows each day, even if just for 10 — 15 minutes. Doing so will allow the humidity to disappear, with fresh air circulating your home.

During colder seasons, attempt to maintain the humidity in your house between 50-65 percent to decrease movement. You can easily increase your humidity by placing a moist tea-towel onto a radiator, or using a humidifier.

While some small movement in your flooring is inevitable and natural, by being careful and taking precautions, you can limit the amount of motion to a minimum, retaining the original attractiveness and appeal of the flooring.



PINE: Pine is a softwood which grows in most areas of the Northern Hemisphere. There are more than 100 species worldwide.

Properties: Pine is a soft, white or pale yellow wood which is light weight, straight grained and lacks figure.It resists shrinking and swelling. Knotty pine is often used for decorative effect.
Uses: Pine is often used for country or provincial furniture. Pickled, whitened, painted and oil finishes are often used on this wood.

ASH: There are 16 species of ash which grow in the eastern United States. Of these, the white ash is the largest and most commercially important.

Properties: Ash is a hard, heavy, ring porous hardwood. It has a prominent grain that resembles oak, and a white to light brown colour. Ash can be differentiated from hickory (pecan) which it also resembles, by white dots in the darker summer wood which can be seen with the naked eye. Ash burls have a twisted, interwoven figure.
Uses: Ash is widely used for structural frames and steam bent furniture pieces. It is often less expensive than comparable hardwoods.

HICKORY: There are 15 species of hickory in the eastern United States, eight of which are commercially important.

Properties: Hickory is one of the heaviest and hardest woods available. Pecan is a species of hickory sometimes used in furniture. It has a close grain without much figure.
Uses: Wood from the hickory is used for structural parts, especially where strength and thinness are required. Decorative hickory veneers are also commonly used.


10 Things To Never Do To A Wood Floor

10 Things To Never Do To A Wood Floor
1.Do not use abrasives or harsh chemicals to clean your floor
2.Do not use hard casters on any furniture directly on your hardwood floor
3.Do not use steam mops on your hardwood floor
4.Do not pour cleaning product directly on floor
5.Do not wait too long between refinish projects
6.Do not wear high heel shoes on wood floors
7.Do not leave the legs of your furniture unprotected
8.Do not drag furniture or heavy appliances over your hardwood floors
9.Do not let your dog’s nails remain untrimmed
10.Do not allow any stains remain untreated !